Our Homes

Opportunity House has three group homes located in the Hamden and North Haven area. We provide 24 hour supervision and support to the residents who live at each home, seven days a week, 12 months per year.

We take pride in our homes and strive to ensure that each house fits nicely into the neighborhood. Each of our houses provides a safe and stable home where the residents have their own private room which they can accessorize according to their preferences and interests.

Opportunity House, Inc. also provides “In Home Support” (IHS) for one individual who previously lived at one of our group homes but chose to move into an apartment adjoining his family?s home. Opportunity House, Inc. provides part-time staffing for this individual at various times throughout the week, along with functional support programs.

Instructional programs and supports are provided for each autistic resident and they are individually designed to:

  • Increase the residents? independence with self- care activities.
  • Teach and improve skills with household maintenance tasks.
  • Allow everyone to be a contributing member of the household.

Individualized Programs may also include:

Nutritional and Medical Services

A dietitian designs healthy menus in conjunction with physician’s recommendations when required.
A registered nurse monitors medical needs, including implementing directives from each resident’s physician or the consulting psychiatrist.

Speech and Language

Our residents have different communication skills. A speech and language consultant maximizes each resident’s ability by developing the most appropriate communication methods to match their needs. Staff also assists each resident by helping them with fostering friendships and enhancing positive social skills.

Occupational Therapy/Sensory Integration

For those residents who have sensory integration difficulties or can benefit from related therapeutic services, an occupational therapist will design an individualized program and train staff to implement it as required.

Behavior Supports

A behavior specialist is available on staff to work with supervisors and direct care staff. Our team develops and implements individual positive programs to teach residents appropriate coping strategies to address their behavior challenges.

Leisure/Recreational Activities

All the residents take part in leisure activities at home and in the community. These activities are individualized according to preferences. In addition, physical exercise is very important to help ensure good health practices. Each resident is provided with regular exercise.

Family Involvement

Family involvement is highly recommended and is crucial to a happy, well-balanced life for our residents at Opportunity House, Inc. Families, parents, and siblings are all encouraged to participate in providing input in planning goals, attending meetings, and visiting regularly to ensure they remain a part of the resident’s life. Weekend visits to family homes and even vacations with family often occur throughout the course of each year for most of our residents.

Additionally, many family members have served as members on our Board of Directors, as some currently do. Finally, committee work related to Opportunity House, Inc. has been enhanced by participation of family, such as Future Planning, Finance, and Fundraising Committees. We are grateful for this support, which may set us apart from other agencies providing similar services to adults with autism.

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