Employment and Vocational Activities

Elaine Helps Deliver Advisor Newspapers

Opportunity House, Inc. work programs are tailored to each individual’s skills and preferences; we seek to find them meaningful employment opportunities.

In addition, each consumer receives similar supports at work as they do at their home in the areas of behavior, communication, sensory, medical, and social. These identified areas are incorporated into their goals in the employment program.The work opportunities consist of paid and volunteer work within the community. The goal is to employ our individuals in a traditional workforce earning a competitive wage with minimal job coaching supervision or with direct support from the employer, when appropriate.

“Polite, reliable and conscientious are just a few words to describe the folks at Opportunity House who have delivered our newspaper for more than 25 years. We continue to value our relationship with this fine group of hard workers!”
– Joyce Scott, Circulation Manager, The Advisor Newspaper

Most Valuable Employee
Jim has successfully maintained a part time position at Duchess Restaurant in Wallingford for over 25 years. He is now is the second longest employee there and receives lots of support from his fellow co-workers.

“I can?t say enough good things about Opportunity House and Jimmy Savoie. Jimmy is now ourĀ  longest lasting employee. Having him here and seeing him grow and his positive effect on other employees has been wonderful.”
– Stuart Levitz, Owner of Duchess


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